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Due to the current situation related to the coronavirus, the group’s management decided to move the rest of the European tour in the fall, and the new date of the Zagreb concert in Močvara is Friday, October 23rd. All purchased tickets are also valid for the new date. If this term does not suit you, a refund for tickets purchased through the Entrio platform (either online at or in cash at one of the Entrio points of sale) should be requested exclusively by email no later than March 30, 2021. Entrio informs that a refund for tickets purchased at the point of sale can no longer be obtained at the point of sale.

Stereotype presents: Boy Harsher The stereotype, a series of top-notch electronic music parts, is entering a new phase by launching its concert activity. The main criterion still remains the quality of performers and production, and accordingly the first choice is the dark electronic duo Boy Harsher, which is coming to Zagreb for the first time as part of its extensive European tour.

Imagine the cold sounds that seem to be instantly covered by a warm blanket in the bare industrial ambience of a nightclub. This is exactly how they describe the music of this duo from Massachusetts. Jae Matthews and Augustus Muller began acting in 2013 as Teen Dreamz, but soon changed their name to Boy Harsher. It is difficult for them to put music under a common denominator, but in their sound one can distinguish synth-punk, gothic, dark wave and industrial techno imbued with ethereal vocals.

In any case, Boy Harsher are considered to be the most danceable performers of the mentioned sound, and their most dynamic album Careful, released this year, has especially contributed to that. With it, Boy Harsher emphasizes emotional and evocative narratives garnished with energetic dance elements. The duo attributes their evolution to a successful tour and numerous gigs in recent years. Traveling and connecting with people has been so important that we can now really experiment with our materials, Jae and Augustus say. They both have experience in film, so they apply their cinematic approach to music materials and live concerts.

In such a performance in Močvara, they will also be joined by the electronic duo HIDE from Chicago, known for their energetic gigs and engaged approach. Like Boy Harsher, Heather Gabel and Seth Sher are multimedia artists working in both film and visual arts. Their intense gothic / industrial sound enriched with strong expressive vocals can best be portrayed as a true illustration of the industrial apocalypse.

Early Bird tickets at a price of 90 kn can be found in the Entria system.

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